• Check with your village building department to see if a permit is required for remodeling work that will be complete.

  • If the permit is required, we will summit the necessary paperwork to the local building department in your home, business or condominium complex, along with the necessary license, insurance and bonds (if applicable). We will pick up and summit payment once completed.

  • Long remodeling projects such as additions and/or major alterations will require architectural prints and plans of survey to acquire the necessary permits. Although we do not cover the expense of having architectural prints drawn, we can refer you to an architect to meet with with you and discuss your plans. With large projects and renovations, we will take care of the permit process, although the customer would be responsible for the architectural fees and survey fees (if applicable).

  • If your work requires a permit, please call us and we will pick up the permit.

  • We suggest to order ahead of time any materials needs for your renovation as it may take several weeks to be delivered. We can also recommend vendors for many project including kitchen and bathrooms remodeling.

  • If the project is inside, we strongly suggest to remove and/or cover any furniture or important items around the working areas. MG Remodeling is not responsible for any damaged items while completing the project.



  • As a MG Remodeling customer you will receive a post card in the mail after your signed proposal and deposit have been received with the start date and material delivery date (if applicable).

  • We will arrive at your house on the start date by no later than 7:30am unless time is arranged by customer previously.

  • We generally start working at 7:30 am until approximately 4:00 pm, weather permitting on outside work. However, we will work past 4pm to finish the job if needed.

  • Drop cloths will be placed in work area to protect floor.

  • Work area will be swept and vacuumed, construction debris will be removed as needed. Please note: every effort will be made to keep work area as clean and debris free, however with most remodeling projects dust will formed and spread outside of the working area. Please understand, although we will do as much possible to maintain dust and debris controlled, we cannot prevent dust and debris to spread to other parts of the house.



  • Please complete the Job Completion Checklist, which we will provide once the project is completed. We valued your comments.

  • If you have any 'Punch List' items, damage or items needing service please be sure to include those details in the job completion sheet. The completion sheets will be turned in to the general contractor to address this issues.

  • Please plan on making final payment and the day the project is completed.